Launched in November 2019, Linea45 is already recognized by top international hairdressers and educators as a high-performance, results-oriented brand.

Led by Tania Goyanes. Her 30+ years experience in the hair industry guides Linea45. Under her direction, it has quickly established itself with the satisfaction of salon professionals and customers alike.


Our mission is to create high-performing, quality products that deliver visible results for beauty professionals around the world.


Empower professionals with the best products and education to unlock their full potential and guarantee client satisfaction.

Discover our product line through our education
to get the most out of your creativity!


The newest formulas in the market of lighteners to achieve healthy blondes !!!


The future of Hair Color, 65 shades enriched with unique ingredients and an advanced technology that makes this line an Multiservice Express Permanent Color.


A full range of Developers designed to enhance the results of Linea45 hair color and Lighteners . The best tools to make your chemical processes entle and secure.


The system that will bring a NEW LIFE TO YOUR HAIR! Whether your hair is damaged or just needs a little love, AEGIS19 the solution.


Shampoos, Conditioners, and Treatments for every need .

Vegan Actives, Cruelty free, SLS and SLES free, Sodium Chloride free, Paraben Free, Dye free, DEA-TEA free and Color & Keratin Safe.

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